Transformers Movie: Barricade Statue


Product Code: SS903206

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

"ARE YOU USERNAME: LADIESMAN217?" Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Barricade from the Transformers Film. Barricade is apparently a complicated robot. He believes that Starscream is vital in their search for Megatron and the AllSpark. In many ways, this makes him Starscream's closest ally in the naturally combative Decepticon ranks. Then again, it's been said that he likes to trick people into trusting him, just so he can see their reactions when they find out just how much of a bad idea it was. As such, he has disguised himself as an Earth police car in an attempt to fool the humans around him.

Weight :

9000 gram


Package Dimensions :

43cm x 50cm x 77cm   (LxWxH )