TMNT: Casey Jones 33 cm Statue


Product Code: IKO1167

Manufacturer: Ikon Collectables

From the masterminds behind the wildly popular series of TMNT statues comes the next addition, the Casey Jones Statue!

Casey made his TMNT debut in the Raphael solo issue comic 'Me, Myself and I', as a new addition to the Turtles gang after he aided Raphael in vanquishing some no-good thugs. Inspired by cop shows on TV, Casey decided to do something about the deluge of crime in New York City. After equipping himself with a hockey mask and an arsenal of sports clubs, he began his crusade of vigilante justice.

Standing approximately 33cm tall, this piece is a must have for your TMNT collection!

Weight :

4000 gram


Package Dimensions :

25cm x 25cm x 33cm   (LxWxH )