Reptilian Hybrid Alien Karis 1:1 Scale Bust by Miyo Nakamura


Product Code: TOY18330

Manufacturer: Elite Creature Collectibles

Karis: Serenity, Sensuality, Love. My being here is to activate those feelings within people. My calm gaze, a beacon of light to show humans that there is more to Reptilians than being cold-hearted. May my presence bridge that gap that humans and reptilians have, for I am a blend of both. May my presence be known.

Miyo: Have you had any dreams where you meet aliens? I have. Or better yet, have you had dreams where you ARE an alien? I woke up in my dream with a bright light on my face, laying on a cold metal slab. I tried to move but realized that I was strapped down. As I looked down at my body, I noticed that I was not human.

I had quite a thin body with long spindly arms which were light bluish grey in hue. I realized my predicament and had to face my mortality. The humans were coming back to continue their experiments on me and I would die.

My alien self did not have fear in 'his' heart, but an immense sadness, a sadness for humanity. Their lack of empathy and their ignorance to the fact that we are all connected. That we are all one. I saw a masked human hover over me, and suddenly awoke!

Jolting upwards, I woke up sobbing. It took me a while to process what had just happened. What was that? A past life? It had felt so real. I could still feel that coldness of the metal slab on my skin. Needless to say, it was an experience that deeply affected me. That feeling of oneness has stayed with me to this day!

Then the dreams of being experimented on started. Not as an alien but me as a human. I would wake up in unknown worlds and be hooked up to weird machines to measure things that I was not aware of.

Karis came to me in my dreams a few months later. This dream felt different. It felt like it was sometime in the near future of earth. She was acting as my guide in an underground facility. Her hair neatly braided to the side, and with a clean white uniform on, she looked very professional. As we slowly walked down these clean white stairs, I could see the facility stretching as far back as I could see! Giant pillars periodically supporting the ceiling. There were all kinds of alien beings and human beings at work here. In the distance, I could see spacecrafts being repaired. To my left was a massive wall of water, held up by some kind of invisible barrier.

Karis picked up a tool of some sort from our side of the water wall and passed it along to a water dwelling alien on the other side. She said, 'See how far we have come?! Here a multitude of races have come to work together! Humans too!' She beamed with confidence and pride. It left me feeling extremely happy when I awoke from this dream.

Karis vibrant eyes and feathery silhouette left an impression on me and I started scribbling away in my sketch book. I wanted to share her beauty with the world. I believe she was acting as my guide to show me a glimpse of the future where humanity evolves! A world where our differences are valued and respected and a sense of oneness permeates all!

Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to present the reptilian hybrid alien Karis in the forth volume of our quality alien museum collection. The Karis bust is designed and sculpted by our Key Artist Miyo Nakamura.

Approximately 30 inches in height.
Cast in a high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect.
Real Glass eyes and eyelashes.
Real crystal pendant activated and imbued with love and light by our character namesake, oracle - healer Charis Melina Brown and Miyo Nakamura.
Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by sculptor Miyo Nakamura.
Limited in production to 500 units worldwide.

Weight :

25000 gram


Package Dimensions :

40cm x 50cm x 77cm   (LxWxH )