Iron Man 3 Busts 1/6 11 cm Deluxe Set (8)


Product Code: SS902126

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present Hot Toys´ all new Sixth Scale Collectible Bust Series. To kick off this collection, they are introducing seven armors from the 2013 blockbuster hit, Iron Man 3.

Choose from the Mark 42, Iron Patriot, War Machine Mark 2, Mark 17 - Heartbreaker, Mark 24 - Tank, Mark 30 – Blue Steel, or Mark 33 – Silver Centurion! Or, for a limited time fans can preorder a deluxe set that includes all seven along with an exclusive eighth bust, the Mark 42 Battle Damaged Version!

Each bust is presented in fine sculpture, featuring light-up functions and metallic-colored paint application.

This set contains:

1x Iron Man Mark XVII Heartbreaker (SS902092)
1x Iron Man Mark XXIV Tank (SS902123)
1x Iron Man Mark XXX Blue Steel (SS902124)
1x Iron Man Mark XXXIII Silver Centurion (SS902125)
1x Iron Man Mark XLII (SS902088)
1x Iron Patriot (SS902089)
1x War Machine Mark II (SS902090)
1x Iron Man Mark XLII Battle Damaged (only available in this set)