Mystery Minis: Fallout CDU (12 pieces)


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"I don't want to set the world on fire!" Prepare for the future! Based on the hit game series, Fallout, everyone from Vault-Tec's Vault Boy to the Super Mutant is a stylized vinyl mini-figure. Each figure measures approximately 2 1/2-inches tall. This Display Box contains 12 individually blind-boxed mini-figures and may include the following: Supermutant, Butch: Tunnel Snake, Ghoul Raider, Outcast Brotherhood of Steel, Male Vault Dweller, Mysterious Stranger, Black Widow Nerd Rage, Grim Reapers Sprint, Cyborg, Wired Reflexes Note: Item selection is random. Items are in blind packaging.

Weight :

1170 gram


Dimensions :

24cm x 18cm x 22cm   (LxWxH )