Museum Series: Dilophosaurus Bust Fringed Brown version


Product Code: DAMMUS002A

Manufacturer: Dam Toys

Following their research, the design team of DAM Toys did some designing, based on the reconstruction of the Dilophosaurus skull, and came up with two realistic designs: One of them has on its neck a margin skin flap that’s raised for attracting mates, presenting the glorious side of the Dilophosaurus. The other design is a version of the Dilophosaurus without neck-frill, but with bone protrusion, offering an alternative variation for collectors. For the skin texture of the Dilophosaurus’ head, we have conducted extensive research as well, in order to satisfy dinosaur fans with a product that’s as realistic as possible.

Weight :

1200 gram


Package Dimensions :

21cm x 22cm x 29cm   (LxWxH )