Mass Effect: Wrex 1:4 Scale Statue


Product Code: IPMEWREXR

Manufacturer: Gaming Heads

Gaming Heads proudly presents the Wrex 1/4 scale statue, our third collectible statue produced from Mass Effect. A famed krogan mercenary and bounty hunter, Urdnot Wrex is also one of the last Krogan Battlemasters: rare individuals who combine powerful biotic abilities with the devastating firepower of advanced weaponry. Despite his chosen path of violence and killing for credits, Wrex is deeply concerned with the fate of his people after the genophage, and is one of the few planning for a new krogan future. Standing approx 23 inches tall grasping his trusty Graal spike thrower shotgun and limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, each of these beautifully designed 1/4 scale statues are cast in polystone resin and meticulously hand-painted by highly skilled artisans. A valuable addition to any collection. “Anyone who fights us is either stupid or on Saren's payroll. Killing the latter is business. Killing the former is a favor to the universe.” Each statue includes a Deluxe Full-Color Box, an Individually Hand-Numbered Base and a Validation Card .

Weight :

23000 gram


Package Dimensions :

51cm x 52cm x 84cm   (LxWxH )