Marvel: Thor Ragnarok Comic - Thor 46 cm Statue


Product Code: FIG0001

Figurama Collectors is proud to present the first statue straight from the Ragnarök Comics, Thor! Made of premium polystone and PU materials, Figurama's Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama statue is freezing a breathtaking moment in time, the dynamic movement of Thor's body illustrates his determination to avenge his fellow slain gods by shattering every Draugr and renegade in his way. The ferocious power of Mjolnir is celebrated with vivid thunder circular trails as Thor swings the heavy hammer behind his head. Standing 46 centimeters (over 18 inches) tall, our exclusive collectible figure depicts an impressive Thor battling a legion of new enemies. The base is a melting pot of elements found throughout the comic, including ruins, urban landscapes and enemies. These images combine to paint a complete picture of the adversities that the Thunder God must face on his dangerous quest to return to Asgard. The surrounding Draugrs are carefully posed to add a sense of movement and impending danger as they encircle the mighty Viking god. Features: - Limited to 200 pcs WorldWide. - Each statue will be hand signed by the author Walter Simonson. - It will come with a certificate stating that it is the 1st statue ever made for Ragnarök Thor Comic by Walter Simonson and it will be hand signed by him as well. - 1st issue of Ragnarök comic for free inside the statue box as digital code. - Hand painted with premium colors. - Made of Eco-friendly Polyresin.

Weight :

10000 gram


Dimensions :

20cm x 20cm x 46cm   (LxWxH )