Mandy: Chainsaw Battle Statue

€92.70 Deposit
€309.00 Launch Price

Product Code: SS907152

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Launch Date: Q2 - 2021

Deposit Required: A deposit of €92.70 is required when pre-ordering this item. Deposits are non refundable

From the epic chainsaw battle scene, Sideshow, Legion M Entertainment, and Level52 Studios are proud to present pre-orders for this stylized limited-edition collectible statue from the cult-classic film Mandy.

This is a handcrafted, limited-edition art piece created by the amazing team at Level52 Studios. Like all of their products, this statue will arrive in premium art box packaging.


1000 gram

Package Dimensions:

15cm x 25cm x 25cm   (LxWxH )