Jurassic Park 3: Spinosaurus Bonus Version 1:15 Scale Statue

€699.00 Deposit
€1,569.00 Launch Price

Product Code: P1SLMCJP05S

Manufacturer: Prime1Studios

Launch Date: Q1 - 2022

Deposit Required: A deposit of €699.00 is required when pre-ordering this item. Deposits are non refundable

'How would you classify it? Well, It’s a Super-Predator' - Billy Brennan

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1:15 Scale LMCJP-05 Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3. The biggest carnivorous dinosaur to walk upon this earth. Spinosaurus was an apex predator dominant in the middle of the Cretaceous period. Spinosaurus towers upon his enemies as the main antagonist dinosaur in Jurassic Park 3.

Here we have captured the Spinosaurus in its vicious victory roar, shortly after crashing the plane that Cooper’s crew flew in on. You can see its massive foot crashed into the cockpit, displaying its strength and brutality. Its huge iconic sail-like fin coming out of its spine, the scales on his body finely arranged and detailed to the movie’s portrayal. The epitome of dominance and a must-have for your Jurassic Park Collection.

Product Specifications:
- Statue Size approx. 20 inches tall & 32 inches wide [H: 50.7cm W: 79.3cm D: 51.3cm].
- One (1) designed theme base.
- One (1) Velociraptor Resonating Chamber [Only in the Bonus version].

The Bonus version can only be ordered until August 10.


18800 gram


Package Dimensions:

52cm x 80cm x 51cm   (LxWxH )

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