Guyver Dark hero: Guyver 1:3 Scale Maquette


Product Code: TOY18260

Manufacturer: Elite Creature Collectibles

Elite Creature Collectibles is excited to announce our 1:3 scale GuyverMaquette from the film Guyver: Dark Hero. Based on the Japanese manga series Bio Booster Armor Guyver, created by Yoshiki Takaya.The Guyver was redesigned for the film by ECC Art Director Steve Wang who also directed the film. In the movie, Sean Barker, an unsuspecting college student finds “The Unit,” an ancient alien device that transforms him into a powerful fighting machine known as The Guyver. Sean is catapulted into a bizarre world of battling transmorphic creatures called the Zoanoids, created by the evil Chronos Corporation. Scaled and reposed from the original movie molds, this intricately detailed GuyverMaquette stands an imposing 30 inches tall. Each piece is constructed from heavyweight polystone, and hand-painted to the finest detail, following the original movie design paint application. Specifications: Approximately 30 inches in height Approximately 22 inches in width Approximately 20 inches in depth Old-school hand-painted pattern on entire Guyver Armor Attractively themed "The Unit" display base with breathing LED light Special 3D eyes with light-up function Chrome orbs 2 pairs of real metal blades (long & short versions) Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Steve Wang Limited in production to 299 units worldwide

Weight :

9000 gram


Package Dimensions :

50cm x 56cm x 77cm   (LxWxH )