Elegant Beauty: Dancer of Cloud Palace 1:5 Scale Statue

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Product Code: INSTIFSD0004

Manufacturer: Infinity Studios

Launch Date: Q2 - 2021

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Dancer of Cloud Palace is the third product of Infinity Studio's 'Elegant Beauties' Series, the original design came from Rocky L. , founder of Infinity Studio.

The statue based on concepts of 'flying apsaras' from Dunhuang murals, selected the most famous playing pipa (ancient Chinese musical instrument) scene. The action is lively and relaxing, with an exotic atmosphere, beautiful with a perfect curve.

As an original design, the Dancer of Cloud Palace showed us the ability of Chinese artists. Rocky L. not only recreated the abstract lines of thin silk clothing by modeling and painting, but also shaped the realistic style face of oriental ladies.

Package Dimensions:

23cm x 21cm x 35cm   (LxWxH )