Breakfast at Tiffanys: Audrey Hepburn - Holly Golightly 1:6 Deluxe Fig


Product Code: SA0050

Manufacturer: Star Ace Toys

The 1/6th scale Audrey Hepburn as “Holly Golightly” collectible figure features: -1/6th scale partial seamless body, approximately 29 cm tall with 30 points of articulation -Fully realized authentic likeness of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with accurate facial expression, sculpted hair and detailed skin texture with partial seamless body. -Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted. PARTS Six (6) interchangeable hands including: -(1) one pair of open palms -(1) one pair of closed palms -(1) one left hand for cigarette holder -(1) one right hand for handbag COSTUME - Black silk dress - Black glove sleeves - Panties - Scarf - One pair of high heels ACCESSORIES - (1) One pair of diamond earrings - (2) Jeweled tiara - (1) One pearl necklace with diamond pendant - (1) Sunglasses - (1) One Black Handbag - (1) One table with table cloth - (1) One Chair with cloth

Weight :

1000 gram


Package Dimensions :

16cm x 24cm x 36cm   (LxWxH )