Alien Resurrection: New Warrior Life Sized Head Prop Replica


Product Code: SS903158

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

The cloned Alien New Warrior is the xenomorph which was resurrected along with Ripley, through genetic engineering. The xenomorphs demonstrated their intelligence by escaping from the containment cells. This cloned alien's appearance has a resemblance to the first xenomorph along with the one which appeared in the "AVP" films later on. CoolProps was able to recreate the Life-Size head prop replica of the Alien New Warrior using a prop obtained from the film. Witness the real fear seen by Ripley and Betty's crew. Featuring detailed paintwork, a transparent dome, and silver painted teeth in the inner mouth which can be seen between the sharp teeth. Don't miss your chance to add this terrifying monster to your collection!

Weight :

4000 gram


Dimensions :

90cm x 40cm x 40cm   (LxWxH )